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Footwears, a new aspect of human advancement, that has developed notably over period. Footwear now goes a long way to complex designs that perfectly reflect cultural identity. Nowadays footwear offers both formal and fancy purposes. With the break of the year comes a new fashion also with a fresh set of footwear that inspires your style. From old colours and shapes to eye-catching textures and unique designs, the latest fashion of footwear for women is ready to enhance any of their  outfits. So, be ready to read out our blog and explore the trendy footwears that make you feel confident and stylish.

Popular Types of Footwear

  • Pump Heels

Pump heels look like formals or kind of office wear. These heels are rounded in the front pointed toe and range in height from low to high. These heels are complementing both formal and casual attires. Whether you can pair it with a formal or cocktail dress.

  • Solid Flats

Solid flats footwear is in everyone’s wardrobes nowadays because it is comfortable, offering you a stable alternative to heels. The key benefit for having a solid flats is that it suits on every outfit either it was formal or party wear dress. As a result, solid flats are for those who are looking around for both style and possibility in their footwear choices.

  • Block Heels

Block heels are identified by their thick, powerful heels, serving stability and comfort without compromising your style. This footwear trend has overflowed in the market for its creativity and readability. Block heels provide a more secure base to your heels than the edge, making them ideal for wear in various activities.

  • Sneakers

Summer sneakers or shoes are the most comfortable footwear for all. You can pair it with almost everything, Like a saree, Gown , Short Flared dress, etc. It will keep you comfortable for a very long time, even nowadays brides also prefer to wear sneakers on their wedding. It will complement with a wide range of outfits, making them as a wardrobe essential for everyone.

  • Juttis

Juttis are the most comfortable and traditional footwear. That gives a very unique outlook. It contains a heavy cultural heritage craftsmanship and beadwork. Jutties originated from punjab that are worn by men and women both on their salwar kameez and dhoti kurta. In Punjab juttis are called as a symbol of tradition and identity.

Tips To Keep In Mind Before Buying Any Footwear

  • Comfort first – if you are wearing heels, keep that in mind that you have to wear it for a long time. You should be comfortable about that.
  • Right size – if you are doing online shopping of footwear or shop from market selecting your correct size is the most important thing.
  • Selecting the right colour – the colour of your footwear should be moderate if you are buying it for the workplace.
  • Material – material should be soft and after wearing make sure you feel comfort.

Footwear goes beyond practicality to become a symbol of cultural heritage of fashion, and personal identity. From the early culture sandals to the modern and fancy sneakers and high heels. The development of footwear in human society is now on high. Each style for footwear carries a unique definition of innovation, and tradition.

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