Trending High Waisted Pants That Look Great On Mens

high waisted pants
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High waisted pants or jeans are the most trendy garment for mens in these days, it has come in various varieties and patterns as well in style. This high waist trend of jeans and pants starts  from ladies wear, after that it comes to mens, as we call it a classic comeback of high waist jeans and gives it a twisty look. As we all know that these pants are versatile, classic, stylish and comfortable after wearing and making it a perfect wardrobe essential garment for mens. Although these pants are suited for all types of body types in mens of all ages as it comes in countless varieties.

Classic Evolution Of High Waisted Pants

This trend has come in the 19th century when people used to wear those high waisted pants in their daily life, especially jeans lover womens. Although high waisted pants have a very rich history. Now in the 20s the early trend of high waisted pants has been back or nowadays these pants are not only for women but it is also for men as well. In the earliest time these pants were considered as the most iconic and fashionable garment. 

Why High Waist Pants Are Trendy Nowadays

High waist pants are going trendy these days because everyone wants to prefer these pants because they are classy, comfortable and adjustable. This pants are perfect for any occasion or any party, you can style it with oversized t-shirts, crop tops, short kurtis and many different kinds of upper wear, for men you can pair it up with t-shirts, polo shirts, shirts and sweatshirts as well, as it look outstanding and give enhancing look.

High Waist Pants For Different Body Types

So as we know there are different types of body types and each body type has different sizes. So here are some different body types and you will get to know how high waist pants fit on those:

  • Petite figure: If someone wears high waisted pants on a petite figure it will create an illusion that you have longer legs.
  • Tall figure: High waist pants are suited well on a tall figure as it gives a straight figure and gives a stunning look.
  •  Curvy figure: High waist pants on curvy figures give very well comfort and give a pear shape body type after wearing. 
Popular And Stunning Style Of High Waist Pants
  • High waist jeans: It is flowy and suited to every body type.
  • Wide leg high waisted jeans: Give an effortless look, looks elegant and flowy structure of the pants.
  • High waisted trousers: For the comfortable look trousers are the most relevant choice, as it is made up of cotton blend fabric.
  • High waisted skirts and shorts: Nowadays after jeans and pants, skirts or shorts also come in high waisted figures as it looks great.

Some Trendy High Waisted Pants Are

  • Cotton chinos high waist pants
Cotton chinos high waist pants

These high waist pants are made up of cotton fabric, as it is very soft and comfortable to wear, although it is the perfect essential of clothing for men’s. Men’s can wear this on a casual day or as well as in a formal way. It has its internal waist bands that helps you to tuck your shirt very neatly and make it a perfect wearable option for everyday.

Material: Use of 97% cotton or 3% elastane.

Style: chinos

  • Blomberg wide pant
Blomberg wide pant

These Blomberg wide pants give a chic and classy look after wearing, it can be worn as a casual day outing for comfort or you can easily wear it for your formal meetings etc. Although it is made up of stretchy cotton blend material that gives an attractive texture and gives a superior softness. As it looks too good with any kind of body type it gives positive vibes to mens and boosts their self-confidence.  

Material: 100% use of cotton blend material

Style: Trousers

  • Neutrale chino pants
Neutrale chino pants

These chino pants are especially for casual wear for mens with elastic bands on the waist. But the standout feature of these pants is that they are made up of pure cotton which is super soft and long lasting durability. It is best for your daily casual meetups and outings, as you can pair it up with casual tees, sweatshirts, polo tees etc, as they are designed as for unisex for both men and women during any weather. 

Material:  100% use of cotton blend fabric

Style: Chinos

  • Essentials dress pants 

These pants are considered roomy pants, also considered as the most essential wear for mens as well as the perfect garment for mens wardrobe. These pants are a little open from the hips and thighs side to give a conformable structure also it has an expandable waist that gives you a 2 inches gap if you need to do fitting you can.

Material: Use of 100% wool

Style: Trousers

  • Charles wide leg jeans
Charles wide leg jeans

These wide leg jeans are of 90s style that gives you a vintage look, also considered as a perfect wear for mens wardrobe. These denim wide leg jeans made up from pure cotton fabric that gives you a comfortable look when any men can wear it. As it suits all figure types for mens, it is tailored as a straight fit pattern. It looks best when you pair it up with polo t- shirts.

Material: Use of 100% of cotton

Style: Denim jeans

  • Divide wide leg trouser

These wide leg trousers perfectly compliment the whole look, and it is the most important garment that should be in every man’s wardrobe. It has the baggy outlines and light in weight gives a perfect look for outings and also for short journey. These trousers have elastic waist bands so you don’t have to worry about the waist fitting, as you can adjust it with your personal preferences or according to your waist size.

Material: Use of 100% wool

Style: Trouser

  •  Wide gurkha pants

These wide gurkha pants give the look of proper vintage especially when it’s in green colour, as it is the most comfy wide pants for mens who want only comfort and they look soo classy in it.  The structure of this pants looks double plated from front and high with cummed style waist bands. These pants are different from the regular chino pants, as it will look good if men’s pair it with a chunky sweater and suited loafers as well.

Material:  Use of 100% cotton

Style: Chino


In conclusion, for mens nowadays there are countless varieties of bottom wear for mens as well as women, but as compared to the earliest time now mens have the same varieties of bottom wear they have countless options, from classic to formal wear they have all of them in the market as well in their wardrobe. Mens nowadays mostly prefer high waist pants for more comfort and they also try to discover their comfort in high waist pants to boost up their self-confidence. 

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