One Brush Stroke At A Time: Art Of Nail

Nail art
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Today’s generation of women who love to wear extension nails and get nail art on their real nails. This fashionable trend of getting nail art is becoming more and more popular day by day. For women this trend is like capturing the attention of fashion followers and beauty authorities worldwide. What was once set about as a simple style of painted nails normally now has evolved into an advanced form of self-expression and advanced level of creativity. Moreover, social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest plays a popular and vital role in nail art in which thousands of users share their innovative techniques of nail art in different styles. These nail art enthusiasts influence people from all over the world. They also give them online tutorials and personal classes as well.

Some Pros And Cons Of Nail Art

  • Don’t bite your nails, it is not healthy for the nails and health as well.
  • Do cut your cuticles for the healthy and growing nails.
  • Soaking your nails in water before cutting it makes them soft.
  • Improper ways to remove nail extensions will prevent you from allergies.
  • Wearing good quality nail polish doesn’t damage your nails.
  • Apply cuticle oil to make your nails smooth and hydrated.
  • Harsh nail polish remover prevent redness, itchiness.

 The Beauty Of Nail Art

It is high time to take your monthly manicure to the next level. Doing different and dynamic nail arts allows you to define your inner personality and perfections and to intricate the designs and patterns. If you want various and beautiful nail art, you should go to the nearest beauty parlour where experts will give your nails, skin & hair a proper treatment.

Types Of Nail Art

  • Flames Nails
Flames Nails

Flame nail art is a very dynamic and different trend that has been a very popular beauty scene in recent years. Inspired by the remembering of the shapes and colors of flames in color of orange and yellow, this nail art style expresses the beauty of flame and also their boldness and creativity directly on the nails. This technique allows for complex details and self-personalized designs.

  • Glitter Nail Art Design
Glitter Nail Art Design

The favorite nail art of every woman is glittering nail art, giving another level of sparkle and glamour to your manicure. For getting this nail art you can also choose your favorite glitter for the appliance. It is very suitable for every occasion. Glitter nails art has endless options for creating different styles and designs to make your fingertips shine bright with every gesture.

  • Abstract Nail Art
 Abstract Nail Art

This nail art design gives a modern twist to traditional designs, the most famous and suitable combo of this nail art is of black and white. The design used in this nail art is geometrical art. Along with this you will add silver foil and glitter foils as well as rhinestones to make them more attractive.

  • Mismatched Nail Art Design
Mismatched Nail Art Design

This type of nail art design contains different designs, colors and patterns to give a different look to your nails. It will keep the nails different from each other, and you will see the different patterns on different nails. This type of nail art shows your personality and style in a very imaginative way.

  • Stones Nail Art Design
Stones Nail Art Design

This type of nail art gives you a 3D effect on your nails, and it looks very realistic. Stone nail art adds glamour to your nails, you can use rhinestones, crystal stones, and soft shiny stones as well. It can last for several days without any damage. You can wear it for any occasion.

Nail painting is not just an practice, it’s directly related to the personality of a women. Who want to show their beauty & love of art through her creativity. Nail art go beyond from cosmetics to become a powerful form of fashion and creativity. From different designs to bold declaration, nail art allows individuals to show their personality, style and mood. It offers as a material for experimentation, innovation and artistic designs.

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