20 Popular Vegan Cosmetics Brands

20 Popular Vegan Cosmetics Brands
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There are so many beauty products you will find in the market, but are they vegan? No, because there are rare companies who make vegan cosmetic brands for customers with the use of potent ingredients for those who have soothing sensitive skin and are very effective. Most of the brands make products while using potent formulae and Coloured products sold in the market with techniques specifically for Indian skin types. But nowadays some cosmetic companies claim to be vegan and make cruelty-free products and they avoid using animal products or animals. If you may know that some famous influencers are moving towards vegan products and are taking towards sustainability with skin friendly cosmetics.

How Could You Know That Brand Is Vegan ?

It will be quite difficult or challenging to know what that brand is vegan or not, most of the cosmetic brands that admit that they sell vegan items but still their product contains animal ingredients. But if you want to find a vegan brand you should keep searching for it so that you will surely end up with a vegan brand.

Why Should We Choose Vegan Brands ?

People choose vegan products that have been cruelty free because of the harmful amount of ingredients of animals during the testing of products. Moreover, you might not know that the beauty industry is full of waste and toxic products that can be harmful for your skin or face and these types of products are tested on animals as well.

20 Popular Vegan Cosmetics Brands

  1. Derma-E products are vegan products and non-toxic skincare brands with such healthy skincare products. Derma-E products focused on everything from acne prone skin to anti-aging creams and also in the last 6 months this brand is one of the favourite vegan skincare brands.
  1. Pacifica is one of the most versatile vegan beauty brands and it includes all skincare, nail care products and body care. It is also the most accessible beauty company and it is often found in major supermarkets.
  1. SeSprings as “se” means “new” in Korean language, all the products of this company are clean, vegan and cruelty free with honourable eco-friendly packaging.
  1. Ellovi is a brand of lipsticks, they majorly serve vegan lipsticks which helps to make your lips buttery and smooth with minimum 6 ingredients recipe.
  1. Chicky Botanica is the brand themselves on their natural approach to skin care, although this brand is basically wild and luxury as well. Another thing of this brand is that this is totally not a vegan brand, it is always double checking the ingredients.
  1. Nuria Beauty is a skincare company specially for womens that give consent to tackle all the skincare concerns and problems, including ageing, puffiness, acne, dryness and make products for sensitive skin.
  1. CBDFX is not only a Vegan beauty brand but instead CBD brand that majorly offers some fantastic beauty options for everyone. The products this brand includes are foot masks, creams, body lotion and many more.
  1. Gypsy Soul Organics is a famous beauty brand which is all about cleaning, mostly it includes facial toners, serums and lip balms etc. This brand will be the best for those who want a simple and natural remedy of their skin.
  1. Plant Based Beauty is the best beauty product which is made up from plants, and it has a focus on nature with unique ingredients including cocoa dry, shampoo, clay face mask and banana face mask.
  1. Elements of Aliel brand is quite an amazing product which targets anti-aging products with organic products. Basically this products ingredients on your skin, nothing much more than that.
  1. ESW Beauty brand is a female led business, their products like face masks are made up from veggie juice or fruit juice, or you can also get moisturising face masks like strawberries and cream and many more you can get.
  1. Nourish Mantra is the famous beauty product which is ayurvedic approachable to your skin, and ensures inward beauty and outward beauty.
  1. Annmarie Gianni is the 100% vegan brand because of its anti-aging eye cream and coconut honey Mask, although this brand is purely cruelty free cosmetics products with no harsh chemicals.
  1. Lavanila is the most popular vegan brand of fragrances which is vanilla base, although customers can find many flavours of fragrance like vanilla, blueberry and Goji berry which increase essential vitamins and minerals it is because this is one of the most picked up products by customers.
  1. Phlur is the vegan brand with cruelty free fragrance choices, you can choose it according to yourself and your fragrance choices, as it is of very high quality including Hanami, Ameline and Sandar.
  1. Florame is basically a rich quality French based fragrance company and it is certified by Vegan and produces vegan perfumes to the customers including sweet vanilla, citrus and flowers.
  1. Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab is unique and this brand is basically inspired by mythology and almost all the products are vegan. The best thing about this company is that they don’t test their products on animals, also they refuse to take products from the company who used to test on animals.
  1. Carolina Herrera is a vegan free brand which produces products which is highly appreciable of its eco-friendly nature and they always received comments that they never test products on animals, their products are too vegan and they believe to check the ingredients first.
  1. Balanced Guru is a vegan brand with a wide variety of vegan products which includes hair oils, scalp treatments and top of hair, body and facial care as well.
  1. Dr. Remedies are the vegan product which is a solution to your nail care, and provide extra luxury nail treatments and a wide range of colours that is very natural and doctor approved.

In conclusion, vegan cosmetics products are one of the most hygienic and good to skin products, and many brands have been providing vegan products to customers. You have to be sure that what brand provides you the vegan and who is not, there are so many companies that claim that they are selling vegan products but actually they are not, so choose your brand wisely.

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