Best Sunglasses For Men- A Complete Guide

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Choosing the right pair of sunglasses helps you to look effortlessly stunning and elevate your outfit. sunglasses come in a very different style and shape, so you can choose it according to yourself, although sunglasses also have their different qualities like some of them protect your eyes from UV rays and dust. Sometimes not only choosing the right pair of sunglasses is not enough it can suit your personality or as well as with your outfit. Basically the weight of sunglasses is light so it will not be a burden on your nose or on your ears as well. so in this blog you will get to know about various sunglasses and their importance.

Utility Based Sunglasses

Utility Based Sunglasses

Polarized sunglasses for men

Polarized sunglasses for mens are beneficial for the sunlight, as it reduces the struggle of eyes or it will definitely allow you to view any object and increase your comfort level. These types of sunglasses are majorly used in outdoor activities like if you are playing golf etc. or it is also helpful while driving with the heavy reflection of light.

Designer sunglasses for men

Designer sunglasses for mens are the most versatile thing for them, as they come in a form of plastic frame, vintage frames, simple look, retro style, Coloured lenses and round and square sunglasses but if you are choosing good quality glasses it will enhance your whole look with the twist of modernism. Most designer glasses give an unique and playful touch to active lifestyles.

Aviator sunglasses for men

Aviator sunglasses are the most versatile and it is specially meant for men for grooming with action, as these types of sunglasses are suited on both formals and Informal’s or casual as well, although you can wear it anywhere, moreover it will protect you from harmful UV sun rays and reduce your eye fatigue.

Sports sunglasses for men

Sporty sunglasses are generally for sports persons to reduce their glare and improving to see things by reducing the UV rays, it also helps to give and essential protection against the harsh nature elements, basically sports person must have to use these glasses to protect their eyes from dust and sunlight, mostly riders and cricketers can use this.

Prescription sunglasses for men

Basically prescription sunglasses are made for men according to their prescription of the eye, the lenses you will get on this specs is according to the specification for you, also it will provide protection. as we must recommend buying this pair specially if you are spending most of the time outside even when you are driving in the daytime.

UV protection sunglasses for men

UV protection sunglasses is a life saving glasses from harmful rays which is very harmful for eye damage, as it is very harmful for activities like driving , outings and other outdoor activities, although you have to protect your vision while a little compromising with your fashion, while with UV protection sunglasses is very helpful for your eye health and you will enjoy clear view as well.

Blue light blocking sunglasses for men

Blue light lenses in sunglasses are basically designed to protect eyes from digital screens like if you are working on a laptop or you are standing under tube light  and  heavy excessive sunlight so it will cause eye strain, and you will suffer from headaches. so to prevent that you should wear blue light lenses to protect yourself with all that problems.

Sunglasses That’s Meet with Your Fashion

Tandy sunglasses has very wide range of styles that perfectly depicts the current fashion and trending styles while serving both protection and style for example:

  • Oversized frames sunglasses as it looks oversized when you will wear it and it becomes a constant trend that perfectly offers you the bold and stunning look and gives the glamour to your outfit.
  • Retro round frames which are inspired by mediaeval time when glasses offer versatile charm and compliment the variety of face shapes.
  • Lenses with bold colours means sunglasses with tinted lenses like blue, green and orange which is highly popular these days and gives a vibrant touch to your outfit.
  • Geometrical shapes of sunglasses means the shape of sunglasses like hexagon, octagon or square shapes that have gained popularity nowadays in fashion influenced mens.

Vintage sunglasses for men

Vintage sunglasses are so much in trend nowadays, as it is nostalgia with the timeless style with classic designs and materials, classic silhouettes, quality craftsmanship, retro fine details and timeless appeal. These things are in vintage sunglasses and it is also an attractive accessory for mens and sophistication to your any look.

Retro sunglasses for men

Retro sunglasses are the most trendy eyewear in throwback years which perfectly offer a fashionable accessory for mens for their modern wardrobes and specs plays a very important role in men’s life in that period of time. with its timeless appeal and quality it continued to captivate fashion performances in today’s as well.

Classic style sunglasses for men

Classic style sunglasses are sophisticatedly versatile and you can pair it up with a wide range of outfits to enhance your whole look, for example classic tailored suits, shirts and pants and also with casual outfits for relaxed and to be comfortable, you can go with rectangular shaped glasses with polo shirts and jeans. although classic style sunglasses are suitable for all types of outfits which reflects you as gentlemen.

Modern sunglasses for men

If you may know that most of the popular brands offering different kind of sunglasses like Oakley, Ray-Ban and Smith Optics, these are some famous brands which offers wide range of modern sunglasses for mens for styling and functional which is preferred as a modern gentlemen, and it is the perfect accessory to enhance your style and protect your eyes from heavy sun rays.

Luxury sunglasses for men

Luxury sunglasses for mens is made up of some premium materials with iconic designs that reflects luxury and elegance, as you might be seen the detailing of the luxury sunglasses with iconic quality, it reflects your symbol and your status whether you are attending a VIP events and lounging, it will be the perfect accessory for men’s wardrobe.

Minimalist sunglasses for men

Minimalist sunglasses are the most simple with minimum and understanding designs and clean lines, it is made up from lightweight materials like titanium which provides you comfort all day long. Although these sunglasses come with neutral colours which suit your eyes and don’t irritate you, you can keep it casual as well as formal. It totally depends on your mood.

Top 10 Sunglasses Brands For Men

Top 10 Sunglasses Brands For Men

Polo Ralph Lauren

price approx- INR 12,009

Vincent Chase

price approx- INR 2,500


price approx- INR 15,390


Price approx- INR 10,189


price approx- INR 899.00


price approx- INR 5,879

Scott UV

price approx- INR 1,919

Tommy Hilfiger

price approx- INR 4,479


price approx- INR 6,789

Tips To Find Most Suitable Goggles For You
  • Firstly, you should know your face shape before buying any sunglasses.
  • Before buying any specific and good quality sunglasses you should go through some best brands.
  • you should know the difference between sunglasses and transition lenses.
  • you should plan your price range before you fall in love with the next pair of sunglasses.
  • Consider your comfort first.

In conclusion, sunglasses play a very important role in men’s life, and you know that it comes in different shapes and styles. Sunglasses help you to cover or protect your eyes from harsh sun rays, as well as it will be suitable for all the outfits whether it is casual or formal. So you must be buy sunglasses according to your preferences.

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