How To Choose Right Lipstick For You

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Lipsticks is the product of cosmetics, it comes in different shades, colours and with unique designs. As it is one of the most usable products of womens and it is used worldwide, all the lipsticks companies have gained popularity because lipsticks are the most essential part of every woman’s wardrobe. You will buy light shades to dark shades as well, as every company has all the shades of lipsticks as they know lipsticks & nail paints play a versatile role in every woman’s life. Although lipsticks are suitable on every occasion you just get to know what kind or shade you have to use that suits your skin tone or your outfit, it gives you the most enhancing look, moreover after applying lipsticks our skin naturally glows and gives unique shininess on your face. Although there are many things we are going to tell more about lipsticks and their shades, types and many other things.

Consider you hair colour

Your hair style & colour also plays a very important role for choosing the best lipstick for your lips, if your hair colour is light brown with golden highlights, so on that a warm light lipstick compliments a lot, as you should definitely try this out. Or if your hair is black in that case a cool-tones lipstick will suit you the best and will enhance your look more.

Some important tips

  • Firstly you should apply lipsticks according to your preference on your lower lip and then match it with your upper lip, if the shade is different you need to keep looking for more lipsticks.
  • If you want to find out what lip shade makes your lips look thinner or thicker, glossy lipsticks can make your lips bigger or matte lipsticks can make your lips thinner.
  • If your skin tone is a little dark you should go for red rose shades or berry colour shades that perfectly enhance your look and make your face look too shiny.
  • If your skin colour is fair you should try light pink colour, peachy lipstick or nude colours that gives your face a matte finish look.
  • If your skin is tanned you should never go for the brown shades, although you have to go for coral pink and deep pink or you can also try orange undertone colours.
  • If you don’t want to test lipstick on your mouth, just try it on your finger tip or on your palm.
  • Make sure you remove your first one before trying the new one, if you are trying lipstick on your lips.
  • Try to ignore your existing clothes after trying a lip shade, because sometimes women can compare shade with the clothes that she is wearing at that time.

Types of lipsticks

  • Matte

Matte lipsticks are good with finishing formulas, set flat on lips and not getting any shininess on your lips make it have a long lasting effect, but it might be dry on your lips.

  • Satin

Satin lipsticks are very soft in texture and are comfortable on your lips, and stay long lasting with the finish of a hint of sheen.

  • Cream

Creamy texture lipstick gives you the creamy and moisturising lips after applying. It won’t feel sticky or dry.

  • Gloss

Glosses are the most stunning lipsticks, that give the high-shine finish look to your lips, or you can also layered it up with the lip colour it helps to enhance the lip shade more.

Application tips for lipsticks
  • Moisturize and Exfoliate: you should prep your lips by exfoliating them and also remove the dry skin and apply any soft moisturiser for better lips.
  • Use of lip-liner: you should use lip liner before applying any lipstick, as it helps to keep your lipstick under the line and you will perfectly apply your lipstick.
  • Lipstick application: start applying lipstick on the centre of the lips and then apply all around the lips, or you can also use lip brush for applying.
  • Setting and plot: if you want to extend the wear time of your lipstick, just blot a tissue over your lips and apply a thin layer of powder.
List of lipstick brands of India
  • Maybelline New York

Range –  Rs300 to Rs700

  • MAC Cosmetics

Range – Rs1,500 to Rs3,000

  • Nykaa Cosmetics

Range – Rs300 to Rs800

  • Huda Beauty

Range – Rs1,500 to Rs2,500

  • Bobbie Brown

Range – Rs 2,500 to Rs 4000

  • Colorbar

Range – Rs250 to Rs750

  • Loreal Paris

Range – Rs 500 to Rs 100

  • Faces Canada

Range – Rs 200 to Rs 700

  • Sugar Cosmetics

Range – Rs 500 to Rs 800

  • Revlon

Range – Rs 400 to Rs 800

In conclusion, lipsticks come in very complex shades and colours that suit every woman, as lipsticks are cosmetic products. If you ever explore about lipsticks there are thousands of varieties you will find in lipsticks and each lipstick gives the immense look on you, lipsticks give you the shade on your lips according to the shade of your lips or face, so always choose lipstick according to your body skin colour.

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