Hairstyling Techniques That Can Amazed You

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Must try For girls when it comes to hairstyles techniques , everyone especially girls wants to become their hair stylist, wondering the question to themselves, “Which type of haircut suits me“. Nowadays, you can find online thousands of cool and new hairstyles that perfectly match your style, face shape, or the festival or occasion you’re going for. We all get very excited to try up new hairstyle ideas. Hairstyles are not just about elegance; they also have practical suggestions. The right hairstyle can give you confidence, unique facial features, attractive and complimenting outfits, and boost your confidence levels. From formal occasions to casual outings with loved ones, choosing the right hairstyle can make you look attractive in all the differences.

Important Tips Before Styling Your Hair

  • Use a hair-protecting serum before using any heat appliances.
  • Use a wooden hair comb to prevent hair fall.
  • Don’t tie up your hair tightly.
  • Do minimum use of a hair dryer.
  • Avoid making messy buns.
  • Use hair utensils with care.
  • Don’t make a habit of hair styling appliances.

Types Of Hairstyles According To The Outfits

  • Fancy Bun
Fancy Bun

In earlier times fancy buns were just for bridals. But in today’s time, everyone makes that on every occasion. These detailed hairstyles come in multiple styles, and each style of bun serves its dynamic unique charm. From classic and bridal buns to modern twisted buns, there’s a fancy bun to suit every hair type. Fancy buns can be smooth and shiny for formal events or tousled and relaxed for a more casual vibe.

  • Ladder Braids
Ladder Braids

Ladder braids are complex and eye-catching hairstyles for every woman and it adds a unique twist to the normal braided looks and makes them traditional braids. It looks stunning. Ladder means like an evident hairstyle, these braids are looking like each layer of braid is interconnected to each other and falls down the length of the hair, creating an outstanding effect.

  • Wavy Hairstyle
Wavy Hairstyle

Wavy hairstyles are popular choices of women for those looking for a balance between effortless attractiveness and natural charm. Wavy curlies are considered as the most soft and gentle waves that fall down the length of the hair, this style gives you a relaxed yet shiny vibe that is suitable for any type of occasion, you can make it on any type of occasion you want to.

  • A Sleek Blowout
A Sleek Blowout

A sleek blowout hairstyle is like free open hair. It is shiny and graceful and it gives you an ultra-modern look. To make this look you just have to use a blow dryer and a round wooden brush to smooth and straighten the hair. This style is designated by its shiny and glossy finish, and at the end, it looks smooth, straight, and free from frizz or split ends.

  • Half-Tied Hairdo
Half-Tied Hairdo

A half-tied hairdo is a flexible hairstyle that gives you elegance. When you have the half hair tied back while leaving the rest falls down freely. It’s the most stylish and practical look that gives you the best outcomes in every outfit whether it’s a formal or a party wear dress which offers you the best of both worlds, with proper hairstyling it will provide a neat and shiny appearance while still allowing the softness.

  • Crown Braids
Crown Braids

Crown braids are the most beautiful hairstyles. No matter what your hair length it will look great with short and long hair as well. You have to take the mid-length of your hair and tie it up with a rubber and then make a braid of that particular open hair and at last tie it up with a rubber band. You have to do this on both sides of your hair, and keep the rest of the hair open.

  • The Sporty Look
The Sporty Look

The sporty look hairstyle gives the bossy or sports person vibes, it is a normal pony but with an uplifting twist, although tucking your whole hair backwards with a help of rubber band, and if you want to give a twist you can make any hair design to make the normal pony amazing and beautiful. You have to make sure that your pony should be tight and secured. You can use a straightener to make a sleek ponytail.

Some Famous Famous Stylers

  • Jawed Habib

The most famous hairstyle of India. He has countless salons across all over the country, as he styles most of the celebrities’ hairs in a very unique way.

  • Adhuna Bhabani

Adhuna Bhabani is the co-founder of BBlunt brand, although he is the leading hair stylist in India with both expertise of classic hairstyle and casual trendy hairstyles.

  • Alim Hakim

Alim Hakim is known for his versatile kinds of hairstyles, as he is called as the most famous hair stylist in India. He has styled the hair of some famous Bollywood celebrities.

  •  Sapna Bhavnani

Sapna Bhavani is a well known Indian hair stylist, as she used to style T.V industry main characters’ hair as well as some bollywood celebrities.

In conclusion, hairstyles are not purely about the proper arrangement of hair; they are impressions of individuality, creativity, and style. From classic and formal cuts to trendy and fancy experiments, hairstyles play a very vital role in the fashion of overall looks and self-confidence. Although the hairstyles reflected cultural forms, societal trends, and personal desires.

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