Beautiful Mehendi Designs For Women

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Mehendi is basically a form of body art that every woman loves the most. Mehendi can be drawn in various forms or designs and it will look so stunning after a while, although mehendi is also called henna. Mehendi is typically made up of dry leaves, converted into powdered form, and using that paste on skin to make beautiful designs on hand palms. Mehendi is often used in weddings, functions, pooja ceremonies or on many other occasions. Mehendi art has come over centuries with adding a unique flavour of their culture and symbolism in every aspect. The range of simple designs to floral patterns and designs, versatile peacock designs as well. These designs make the authenticity of spirituality and cultural thrives. In South Asia weddings mehendi is considered as an auspicious part of the weddings. Women and girls will decorate their hands with versatile designs and give an amazing look to their attire. In this blog you will know about different types of mehendi designs.

Important Tips

  • Burn your hands with a go over clove.
  • Always clean your hands before applying.
  • Apply lemon or sugar after mehendi.
  • You should stay away from water.
  • Dry your mehendi naturally.
  • Use vicks to rescue.
  • Use mustard oil after rinsing it off the mehendi.


Types Of Mehendi Designs

  • Arabic Mehendi Design


Arabic mehendi design

Arabic mehendi is the distinct style of henna art also called as a golf mehendi, it gives the flowing feature with some dynamic or versatile styles. Arabic mehendi doesn’t cover your whole hand and foot, as it covers some side part of the hand, also called that its certain highlighting area of the hand. These designs create an aesthetic appeal on your hand and it will look so stunning and beautiful and give the overall contemporary look. These Arabic designs also do not take time as it is done within just 20 to 25 minutes.

  • Bridal Mehendi Designs


Bridal mehendi designs

Bridal mehendi designs are basically a heavy work on their hands. The mehendi starts from the front elbow side and ends with a finger tips, also it’s done on the beach side. This is called a rich tradition that continues to thrive. On bride hands bridal mehendi is adding a touch of elegance to her wedding festivals. Mehendi designers crafting incredible designs while on the other hand the family and friends will take part in these wedding rituals.

  • Jewellery Mehendi Designs



Jewellery mehendi is a popular variation of henna art, and it is also called jewel mehendi. This mehendi involves some Jewell patterns on hand, just like giving some jewel pieces on the whole hand, giving a stunning illusion that they are actually wearing jewellery. The various types of jewellery include rings, bangles and anklets. These designs elevate the beauty of elegance in overall designs. Mehendi designers make the most unique designs that will be loved by the bride and their loved ones.

  • Western Style Mehendi Designs


Western style mehendi designs mostly have geometrical designs and abstract motifs. These designs feature beautiful floral prints, cultural symbols and many more. Modern western culture also wants to depict their modern designs through mehendi, it is very simple and minimalist that offers only the shapes like square, triangle, circles and many more. Usually this design is made in casual gatherings, music festivals and contemporary weddings. These kinds of designs allow every individual to showcase their creativity and individuality.

  • Pakistani Mehendi Designs


Pakistani mehndi always showcase their Pakistani trend, culture and styles in different ways. The designs depict some floral motifs like jasmine, rose and lotus flowers and many more. In Pakistani mehendi it will cover full hands and feet’s with beautiful designs. The designs that have been drawn in Pakistani mehendi basically come from an Islamic art and culture, on the basis that the Pakistani mehendi will be designed. Nowadays Pakistani mehendi designs come in Indian as well with more creativity and designs.

  • Radiant Red Mehendi Designs


Radiant red mehendi designs

Radiant red mehendi gives a dynamic and bold red colour on your palm. In recent years red colour mehendi gained popularity in various stages, as women love to design mehendi in different colours and patterns for special occasions to highlight your overall look. This vibrant red colour mehendi adds a touch of elegance to make an impact to make them stand out more. This versatile red colour allows individuals to design and create some different creativity.

  • Portrait Mehendi Designs


Portrait mehendi designs

Portrait mehendi design is basically a creative and meaningful way to celebrate cherished moments like weddings and functions etc. The designer should be careful enough to design the portrait. The portrait mehendi features a bride and groom portrait on their hands, and it looks stunning in all ways. This creativity requires a very talented mehendi designer who gracefully captures the detail of the designs.

Famous Brand Of Mehendi

  • Prem Henna

Prem henna private limited is the most renowned mehendi brand in India, which exports many products like skin care, hair products or even personal care products. It was established in the 1930s, which attracted a lot of customers worldwide. They made mehendi with premium quality henna leaves, which gives rich and long lasting intricate designs.

  • Neha Herbals

Neha herbal has become the trustable Indian mehendi brand, that provides very good quality mehendi made with pure leaves. It does not even give any kind of rash or itchiness to your skin, although it’s safe and secure. Neha mehendi is not only effective but it is also environmentally free and socially responsible.

  • Amina Mehendi

Amina mehndi production factory is in Bhopal, as he makes a very good quality mehendi in their factories. The herbs they used to make their products are henna powder, black henna powder, Reetha powder, herbal shampoo and others. Amina mehndi tries to make all possibilities to make it healthy and itchy free as well.  

  • Hindu Kush Consumer

Hind kush is the most fast growing mehndi brand as it serves a number of things like skin care products, health and wellness care, skin care and beauty care. This company has been started since 2015. The verticals used in this brand are henna powder, shikakai powder, herbal face pack and mehendi cone as well.

  • Godrej Nupur

Godrej nupur is another popular brand of herbal henna powder with ayurvedic ingredients like mehendi leaves and many more. This brand is taking care of people’s skin and by giving them vibrant colour and promoting health.

In conclusion, from casual mehendi designs to bridal mehendi designs have literally no bounds. With mehendi design you will definitely look gorgeous and stunning in all the ways as well as mehendi gives the stunning look to your whole look to make it more attractive, although mehndi continues to inspire people from around the world.

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