Everything You Must Know About Kanjivaram Silk Saree

kanjivaram silk saree
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As we know that Kanjivaram silk saree have gained popularity in recent years in the south and worldwide, every woman loves to wear Kanjivaram saree to enhance their personality, and make it as their unique garment of their wardrobe. This beautiful saree represents itself as a creative craftsmanship, tradition glimpse in high demand. The fabrics that are used to make this iconic saree is silk considered as a rich fabric from all, and this unique saree will never go out of style. Most of the Bollywood celebrities have tried this silk saree and that looks great on them, gives a unique charm and elegance and also a comfortable fabric that you can wear all day long. This Kanjivaram saree you can wear on any occasion whether it is a family function, wedding or pooja as well, it will give you the timeless elegance and charm and also enhance your personality as well. So here in this blog we are going to tell you more about this beautiful silk saree.

A History About Kanjivaram Saree

Basically Kanjivaram saree originated from the state Tamil Nadu, it has a long history which represents the authenticity and elegance perfectly. Although Kanjivaram is called a silk city, the tradition of wearing Kanjivaram saree basically has been going from the past 400 years to the Pallava dynasty, also including chola dynasty and vijayanagara dynasty as well.

The Motifs You Get In Your Silk Saree

  • A Peacock Print
A Peacock Print

A peacock print is typically found on Kanjivaram silk sarees, is it called as a symbol of luck and prosperity also it perfectly indicates the class and personality of the wearer. Although peacock print is made by thread to give it a vintage vibe.

  • A Temple Border
A Temple Border

A temple border is commonly found on this silk saree, to give it a traditional charm. It has designs of temple towers and pillars which look absolutely great on the saree. It looks more enhanced if the saree colour is red and the border is designed in a golden colour.

  • Decorative Flower Pattern
Decorative Flower Pattern

It absolutely gives an unique charm in your silk saree with floral prints, it is created through zari thread and gives some different flower prints to the saree, and it looks great whoever wears it on any day.

  • Animal Prints/ Threading Work
Animal Prints/ Threading Work

Animal prints on Kanjivaram silk saree is one of the fascinating prints on saree, the art of drawing animal portraits with a damn finishing on it, giving the saree unique charm and elegance. Majorly they draw a print of a lion considered as a religious symbol.

  • God/Goddesses Prints
God/Goddesses Prints

This is a divine process to print your god and goddesses portraits on a silk saree, although it has been believed that these kinds of prints are good luck for wearers, and these prints majorly of lord Vishnu, lord Ganehsa, Goddesses Durga and many more.

Types Of Kanjivaram Saree

  • The classic Kanjivaram saree.
  • The silk fabric kanjivaram saree.
  • The authentic gold zari kanjivaram saree.
  • The beautiful silver zari Kanjivaram saree.
  • A copper zari Kanjivaram saree.
  • The tissue material Kanjivaram saree.
  • The contemporary kanjivaram saree.
Some Famous Shops Of Kanchipuram To Buy Kanjivaram Saree
  • Nalli silk saree shop.
  • The kumaran silks.
  • The prakash silks and sarees.
  • The Kancheepuram Varamahalakshmi silk saree.
  • The shri Kamatchi silk royal residence.
  • Babu shah saree shop.
  • The Kumudham silks.
  • Sri sarvalakshmi silks saree shop.
  • The Varuni saree shops.
  • The Abirami silks saree.
Tips While Choosing This Iconic Saree
  • Proper understanding of silk fabrics.
  • These sarees are heavier than the other sarees.
  • Always check the quality of the craftsmanship that has been done on the saree fabric.
  • These sarees come in majorly bold colours like navy blue, dark green, or blood red.
  • For the embroidery work the zari thread has been used for it, basically in two colours like silver and gold thread.
  • If you want to check the purity of the saree, you can rub it on your palm to feel the softness.
  • Always look for the older shops to buy Kanjivaram saree because they sell quality products.
  • Kanjivaram mostly requires dry-cleaning for smoothly washing finish rather than self machine washing.
Cultural Identity Of Kanjivaram Saree

Kanjivaram saree is a cultural significance of Tamil Nadu’s people also for all over the world. Kanjivaram saree reflects the symbol of culture, tradition and elegance.

These saree are going on from generation to generation with the same patterns, designs and colours etc. all over the world people love to wear Kanjivaram saree, as it suits everybody , anybody type or doesn’t discriminate the skin colour. Although the 3 major and attractive colours of this sarees are navy blue, dark green or blood red. This saree is a perfect attire for any occasion like functions, weddings and for pooja. Moreover the golden jewellery is going well with Kanjivaram saree as it gives an unique look to it.

In conclusion, as we all know Kanjivaram saree is basically a traditional attire that everybody loves to wear, as it looks beautiful and gives you very traditional vibes, its fabric is so comfortable that you can wear it for a whole day without any irritation. The most iconic thing of this saree is that it is made up of threading work with some beautiful prints on it which makes it even more beautiful.

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