E-Commerce In Fashion Revolution: Impact Analysis

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E-commerce in fashion is just buying and selling of the products, which is stretching all over the world nowadays, everyone wants to shop online or some influencers or retailers start their business online platforms. The trending things that are majorly bought by the people are shoes, bags, clothes, accessories and some major and luxury cosmetics products. With the help of E-commerce business many people have started their own business brand and shops, whoever is not able to move outside to do work or some other personal issues. But since e-commerce businesses have started people may usually purchase from them, instead of going out and shopping, because of that some retailers have opened their products’ websites and make them register in online luxury brands such as Amazon, Myntra, Nykaa, H&M etc. here in this blog today we are going to discuss about the impact that has been prevent on fashion.

Digital Transformation Of The Fashion Industry

Nowadays digital transformation is on peak in the fashion industry, like retailers have used high digital technology to make their business on peak and increase the growth of their business. Moreover this digital technology is used to expand their business more and take customer experience to create new ideas of fashion, although to make their business on the next level fashion companies always find new ways to acquire themselves and customers and make sure the sales fulfilment options. The digital technology in the fashion industry is basically changes in market behaviour, changing in strategies and technology. Most of the shopping brands and social media stores must listen to their customers and concern about their feedback.

Consumer Behavior Trends In Online Fashion Shopping

  1. It is a very thoughtful experience that nowadays people are majorly conscious about the environment issues like, in the market there are use of jute bags, paper bags have started. It means that people have responsibility towards the environment.
  2. For the entire customer satisfaction of shopping is on social commerce. It means people have taken shopping experience through social media, they usually shop from social pages for clothing and accessories they buy from them. If it is continued like this, the market growth will increase immensely.
  3. The demand of hyper personalisation for customers is on high level because it helps to analyse the segmentation, do customers messages and know about the feedback, and these processes will be easily managed by the AI tools.
  4. Nowadays phygital shopping is a more common AI generated shopping experience where you can virtually feel that you are shopping in a store. Or if you want to try something virtual it will also happen and that is called virtual reality.
  5. You have to show your customer that you take care of mental health by incorporating. After COVID19 it is the most important thing to prioritise every aspect of your business.

Environmental Impact of E-Commerce in Fashion

In eCommerce impact according to the environment is that, there are 80% people who will check the return policy before ordering any product. Although people are doing that they order an outfit try it at home, use it and then they return it through the return policy over 50% of people did that thing so it is very harmful for environment or as well for retailers that they have to spend on the vehicle, storage and relabelling and all of that, the using or returning thing is the most reliable thing that they would have to admit, and because of that the whole product is waste. Although it is clear that globally around 2,256 tons of product has been wasted that was not even used, and this produced over 15 millions tons of CO2.

How AI Shaping Online Fashion Retail
  1. It will help to improve the customer personalisation.
  2. Product forecasting must review how to buy their products to check the result of shape and size.
  3. AI fashion designs help to create some beautiful designs through the robotic technology of it, with customer satisfaction.
  4. AI helps to generate the fashion trends forecasting about the design, colours and texture of the clothes.
  5. Customers can easily post out the garment picture which they want to purchase without any explanation, and then AI help to find out some relatable outcome outfit of that.
  6. First we design the outlet of the outfit by hand and nowadays AI generates the designs with our preferences which makes our work easier.

In conclusion, AI nowadays plays a very vital role in everyone’s life, like with retailers and online shopping brands etc. most of the retailers have started their business online to reach the growth of the market and make their sales on high. As we know AI is very helpful and also gives an impact on the environment as well. While the concern of environment people will take care of sustainability as well, or they use jute or paper bags instead of plastic bags.

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