Surprising Facts To Know About Fashion Industry

facts of fashion industry
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Like other industry, Fashion industry has also so many surprising facts that reflects the potential along with challenges of this industry. Nowadays the fashion industry has come a very long way in fashion reaching a high impact on culture as well as economics. As it contributes millions to the global economy that provides millions of unemployed peoples, give them job opportunities from production to retail market as well. Fashion industry conducts many programs such as upcycling management, cultural events, fashion shows, and designing shows as well. The most important factor about the fashion industry is the affected environment, including water supplement, textiles and also waste contribution to pollution. The fashion industry is taking trends turnover and making it as world wide famous designs. In this blog we are going to study some facts about the fashion industry in India.  

The Worth Of The fashion Industry Is More Than The GDP Of The UK

Fashion industry is the powerhouse of the economy of the UK, as well as nearly twice of Canada’s GDP, called the testament scope and scale of the industry. It is such a different thing that the GDP of the UK is less than the worth of the fashion industry economy. As of the data of 2013 the GDP of the UK is 2.678 trillion (world bank). As we talk about economic output, the fashion industry is twice the size of Canada’s economy.

Over Rs42,000 Spend By Fashion Industry On Advertisement

As we all know, the fashion industry mostly spends money on their advertisements, they make their new designs of clothes popular all over the world by doing advertisements of that. As advertisement plays a vital role in any fashion industry.  As they spend over Rs42,000 on each advertising of their new designs. If there’s any small scale fashion industry they also can spend over Rs 14,000 annually.

Asides Of Modelling Fashion Industry Also Provide Jobs

Although we all know that the fashion industry is for popular designers who designs clothes for celebrities and popularize their designs publicly. But on the other side, the fashion industry also provides jobs to unemployed people, who desperately want to become fashion designers in future. Although some fashion industries also provide coaching’s and classes to the students who need to learn about the fashion industry, they give them proper study for their better enhancement for future.

The Current Challenges Facing By Fashion Industry
  • The Talent Deficit

Fashion industry offers jobseekers who desperately need a job in the fashion industry with the concern of the environment or society. Fashion industry attracts talent with minimum wages as well as giving unpaid internships to the freshers students, or they hire students from wide circles, which means hiring from fashion schools and colleges.

  • AI Impact On Fashion Enthusiasts

There is an immense transformation after the AI has come, the powerful or intelligent mechanical robots are taking tasks of sewing, folding, cutting, finishing and many more instead of people.  However the moving forward generation have some essential questions about the future workforce. 

  • The Gap Of Sustainability

As we don’t know, the fashion industry is the most polluted industry that is contributing about 10% of global carbon commission. With the help of consumer demand, the fashion industry has 15% pressure because of fashion sustainability and social accountability. 

  • Unnecessary Waste Of Textile

Globally the fashion industry wastes over 40 million tons of textile, or the 1% material of cotton is recycled in the month of 2020. Although the fashion industry helps fashion brands to reduce carbon emission and return of ill-fitting items.

Things you know before entering in a fashion industry
  • Fashion industry always has intense competition, although the field will be challenging.
  • Always ready to explore new options.
  • You should build relationships with the fashion industry, attend events and engage with professionals.
  • Always stay updated with the new trends, you can stay connected with the influencer to be informed.
  • It doesn’t matter whether you are a designer or stylist, you should create the best portfolio to showcase your best working skills.
  • Fashion industry requires hard work, patience for long hours, you should work hard and stay updated with new tasks.
  • You have to work with a diverse and strong team, so that you will get strong communication and collaboration skills.
Some facts about fashion industry
  • The most important thing to know about the fashion industry is that the fashion industry has a major contribution to the global economy. Although this industry generates billions of dollars in the. economy and then gives wages to employment people.
  • One of the most important factors of the fashion industry is its impact on environmental energies. As we know sustainable fashion by using eco-friendly materials and recycling.
  • Fast fashion means a rapid production in wages with quick turnover trends that make trendy clothes for fashion enthusiasts.
  • Each year there are 100 billion pieces of clothing produced.
  • People wear 10% of clothes 80% of the time.
  • The fashion enthusiastic students are largely in the age group of 18-24.
  • There are more than 60% of clothing made up of plastic based materials.
  • We spent more than $500 in recycling the clothes.

In conclusion, the fashion industry is a wide platform for stylists, designers and fashion enthusiasts. A fashion industry generates programs like fashion shows, programs, also it gives opportunities to the new joiners as they give them jobs, internships as well as the fashion industry provide coaching to the students who want to work in a fashion industry.

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