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Are you an addict of fashion? Well who isn’t. Fashion is something we all can relate to. It’s an important aspect to look authentic and personal. Get ready to witness some of the most amazing and globally famous fashion shows that are a treat to sore eyes. Today we will be diving into the most intriguing and expensive in terms of budget fashion weeks that happen around the world like Paris Fashion week, Berlin fashion week and so many more! But before jumping into that let’s discuss how the fashion world was established and at what era …

  • Early 1990s the world fashion was introduced at the New-York city and in 1943 the birth of “press week” occured whoes main motive is to promote American fashion.
  • In the 20th century, Trade shows took place in the cities which helped the designer to make direct connections with buyers which helped them to promote their collections globally.
  • In the 21th century, Increasing the rate of social media platforms , ramp walk shows become globally popular . Today, media generations played a vital role in promoting fashion content with the help of their social media handling , making or posting blogs or vlogs which keep people up- to-date .

What Are Fashion Shows ?

Fashion shows are referred to as Promoting brands and designer clothes. Telling stories regarding that particular brand or clothes which attracted the audience in the fashion show. Here are some fashion shows which occurred twice a year, for example –

Lakme Fashion week: One of the oldest fashion shows which occurs twice a year at dream city Mumbai. Where celebrities and international models are paid to walk on the ramp. These events are promotional and anticipate brand launches or promotions specifically.

Lifestyle fashion week: It’s also one of the oldest fashion shows that conducts both summer and winter clothes for increasing brand engagement. These clothes are ought to be designed by the B-Town famous fashion designers such as Manish Malhotra, Sabyasachi Mukherji and Ritu Kumar. They are a brand image responsible for these big and successful events.

What Is A Fashion Week ?

Fashion week occurs with multiple events designed to showcase fashionable fashion designs and collaborated with a number of ambassadors. This event occurs twice a year in the capital’s cities like London, Paris and New York. The main motive for this is to attract celebrities, influencers as well as the media. Here, designers showcase their upcoming seasonal collections . Whole fashion show is incomplete without the lighting , and music as it shows the designer’s visions . We have additionally , four fashion weeks known as “Big four” which includes Milan , New York , London and Paris . Each one of them required their distinct styles .


  • The main purpose for fashion week is just about showing or telling but also collaborating the educational experiences, making connections from brand ambassadors and showcase the designing and marketing skills.
  • Fashion shows are the platform for the designers to showcase their designer clothes to the people and upgrade them for the upcoming fashions.
  • In the first season, Clothes were shown in the fashion shows and then that designer clothes came to the market.
  • India requires most of the famous fashion shows twice a year in Mumbai where Bollywood celebrities take part and promote their favourable designers.


  • The first fashion week was held in New York in the year of 1943.
  • Models do not get sufficient money from non-celebrity models or newly coming models are not paid according to their talent. It shows the dark side of the fashion and modelling industry.
  • In the 1940s, the first dummy model was introduced for displaying the designer’s art work on the runway.
  • Entertainment industry easily attracted media coverage. From blogging to journalism, the fashion industry has the power to attract the media and build their connection within a shorter period of time.
  • In modelling shows the first column must be reserved for the VIP person. They actually get paid to sit in the front row.
  • In 1989 , Stephen Burrows, an American designer, made history by casting 11 black models in his show . This was the time when colour discrimination was rare in America . As it depicts that beauty has no colours . Every woman is beautiful in her own ways , textures and colours.
  • Many celebrities who wear designer clothes were not always designed by the designers . Some come under the loan agreements, they just create the buzz just to gain the attraction of the audience .

Most Popular Fashion Shows Of The World

We know discussing some international fashion shows of the world :

  • London fashion week
  • Paris fashion week
  • Berlin fashion week
  • Dubai fashion week
  • Bangalore fashion week
London Fashion Week

These events showcase the latest and designed trades in the fashion industries. It basically designed the runway for the models and gave presentations regarding their clothes textures and celebrating the styles. London fashion week was established in the 1940s during world war II. It is basically, focused street style which is easy to carry in a normal day to life .This designer showcases their latest design directly to the media .It follows the Britain fashion for showcasing their fashion in the entire world . As it occurred February to March for the winter season and September for the summer season . London fashion week models usually promote or wear the Britain clothes for promoting the culture of the Britain’s .

Paris Fashion Week

Paris fashion event is the most prestation’s event which requires the top most designers from the world to showcase their talent. It required top ranked celebrities, and influencers to do a ramp walk. This fashion occurred in the 1970s by which Paris stuck to its position as pinnacle . Paris Fashion Week occurred during the summer /spring (September ) and winter / fall February season . Providing live streaming and broad media coverage is required so that the event must go globally and more people must know about the event . Paris fashion week which is also known as the global fashion landscape .

Berlin Fashion Week

These fashion weeks occurred twice in January and July .It provides more chances to the young and creative talent . Berlin Fashion week required more focus on the field of creativity and craftsmanship . It provides side events like talks and workshops which help the seller (designer ) or buyer to connect with each other for their better understanding . They promote their events internationally by making connections and providing a good and healthy atmosphere around everyone . understanding the needs of the audience ,and knowing their styles .

Dubai Fashion Week

On 7 February 2023 Dubai Fashion week was founded with the help of the Dubai Design District and Arnab council fashion which is the re-existing Arnab Fashion week in 2015 by Arnab Fashion Council . Dubai Fashion week showcasing the fashionable trades and designs for both local and international designers. It provides a stage for emerging talent and established houses related to fashion for showcasing their collections. Dubai is known for its luxury’s life and luxurious fashion designs. Moreover, they provided workshops related to fashion designs and their trades.

Bangalore Fashion Week

It is the place where both designer and brand present their collection to their baggy audience. such as buyers, and media influencers. In these events the rich or popular designer shows their work at the largest scale . For Example – Manish Malhotra and Sabyasachi who normally used embroidery clothes which gives aesthetic and royal looks . Nowadays , most designers go to the modern looks but only the designers of Bangalore fashion week build the magic of old and new fusion vibes in their clothes or designs . The combination of modern and old fusion becomes the plus points in the Bangalore fashion week .


Fashion shows leave an impact on the minds of the influencers, models and designers who are donating their whole life to this industry. These stories become the spark of the town once the events are done and they prove to be of the most influential and joyous occasions in the television industry. Technology is also playing a major role in transforming the trendsetters of fashion. The word fashion describes the beautiful creation of clothes, jewellery, and footwear promoting different cultures from different countries with joy. Introducing the term virtual fashion which provides the interaction between the brand and the designers to show their work.

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