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Brazil’s dressing sense is vibrant and dynamic according to their cultural landscape and environmental factors. Indigenous tribes have left with the marks like versatile patterns and bold colours. On the other hand, African  culture is celebrated through bold prints and garments like baiana dress. European settlement introduced tailored outline outfits. Brazilians’ outfits depend on the climate conditions that’s why they used to make their clothes with lightweight fabrics like cotton and linen for fighting with heat and humidity. In coastal areas of Brazil there is the supreme region with beachwear, sarongs and flip-flops are their wardrobe items. For everyday wear brazilians go for the comfortable ones. If we talk about the brazil’s fashion industry which perfectly blends its unique sense of styling clothes that celebrities the craft makers and their dedication among the designs they create. In this blog you will get to know about some famous fashion brands of brazil.

Some Famous Fashion Brands In Brazil

  • Atelie Mao De Mae

This fashion brand personifies the elegance of craftsmanship and material love. This fashion brand is famous for its unique sense of styling clothes that celebrates the Brazilian maker. Each designer clothes of this Atelie Mao De Mae brand crafted with care and attention, reflecting the dedication and passion of the designer. The empowerment to set women’s attire by Atelie Mao De Mae is commendable. They only invest in high quality, Nobel made fashion but they also invest in empowerment marginalised communities.

  • Misci

Misci fashion brand is basically an innovation and sustainability with classic sophistication. Although from casual or normal outfits to bold outfits, they will design it very smoothly and creatively. Each designing clothes of this brand Misci have crafted using sustainable material that reflects the dedication of the craftsmanship of the particular designer. This brand also helps to reduce its environmental footprints. Its bold prints and luxurious texture give the effortless style and refinement. 

  • Neriage

Neriage is the fashion brand with sophistication and innovation ideas that are a trending trend in brazil. From casual silhouettes to bold textured prints fabric with worldwide distinctive blend avant-garde design and effortless elegance. This brand crafted modern luxury and a particular expression, whether it is bold embellishment or unexpected texture, they slays in all ways. It remains the perfect women’s lifestyles and sensibilities.

  • Santa Resistencia

The Santa resistencia is basically the revolutionary spirit of rebellion that garnered attention for its bold and dynamic styles. The core of the Santa Resistencia brand is to empower the person and embrace its unique qualities and express themselves. In a fearless style. These fashion brands give positive changes through the issues of gender equality such as LGQBT+rights with the positive change through fashion.

  • Lucas Leao

Lucas leao is the most stunning fashion brand of brazil which gives the artistic flair of colours, patterns and bold designs. The clothes are detailed with unexpected texture and bold silhouettes that creates an air of sophistication or originality. Lucas Leao makes some wearable masterpieces with sartorial expressions. Lucas Leao has become the global fashion brand making boundaries and making the future of fashion.

  • Havaianas

Havaianas is the popular fashion brand of flip-flops, which creates a dynamic sleepers that comfort style and comfort all along. The brand gives so many fun designs to their sleepers for their Brazilian cultural beach. There will be no bad odour in their sleepers,  not even loose strips and no deformation. Havaianas is a very popular brand that serves good quality footwear for every one either for men or women.

  • Dreamkind Studio

dreamkind studio is the most famous fashion brand for children in Brazil and serves the most dynamic style and fashionable clothes for kids. From casual beach wear suits to formal clothing they have a rich comfortable designable clothes that gives confidence to the children. The brand designed clothes with the most comfortable and soft material that suits every child’s body and gives them proper comfort.

  • Reserva

Reserva gives the most versatile clothes section of men’s, from casual wear to basic formals. Reserva gives the most unique design of men. The brand is a rapid success all over the brazil. They design clothes to not only look good but they can also feel comfort in that, reserva studio gives the effortless style of men’s collection. The brand provides sustainable materials to reduce waste and energy consumption, by taking eco-friendly initiatives.


  • Alexandre Herchcovitch

Alexandre Herchcovitch is a very famous fashion designer who designs incredible clothes for the models and as well as for people. He gives the bold and aesthetic designs, as they used very lightweight clothing material or fabric to designs which give the customer a full comfort. He has intricate craftsmanship and material techniques perfectly reflecting dedication and hardwork. Alexandre Herchcovitch designed clothes for production and films which showcase their creativity and versatility.

  • Gloria Coelho

Gloria Coelho is the leading fashion designer of brazil which is known for its sophisticated designs and patterns, which is perfectly designed by the craftsmanship. Her designs often give unexpected details showcasing the detailing things that have been done on clothes. Gloria Coelho never fails to inspire or attract their audience through their different types of designs. Her designs perfectly define modernity which effortlessly attracts the clients of both Brazil and from abroad.

  • Adriana Degreas

Adriana Degreas is a well-known fashion designer in Brazil, known for its unique work style and craftsmanship, elegant silhouettes and rich culture and natural beauty. She is the youngest fashion designer in Brazil, launching her eponymous label in 2001. Her most of the collection of designs that blends fashion and performance, her designs are basically swimsuits and beachwear that effortlessly catering to modern womens.

  • Oskar Metsavaht

Oskar Metsavaht is a very well known fashion designer in Brazil who is known for his contribution to sustainable fashion industries. Her inspiration to design clothes is from the landscape and biodiversity of brazil such as organic material. He raises awareness to do good in environmental issues and to promote social responsibility. Although Oskar Metsavaht is one the most influential designers.

Some Facts About Fashion Industries

  • 85% of clothes were thrown away and upcycled.
  • Only 1% of cloth will be added in upcycling of clothes.
  • 26% of the chemical is used to produce the worldwide texture.
  • Peopleto spend 80 pounds on their clothes every year.
  • To make a single pair of jeans it takes 7,500 litres of water.
  • For total waste water globally, the fashion industry is responsible for only 20%.
  • Good and sustainable fibres save 20% of CO2 emission.

In conclusion, the fashion brands of Brazil represent the most dynamic and vibrant creativity and innovation. Brazil’s fashion industry never fails to attract their audience from worldwide and blend their unique structure of artistic flair and entrepreneurial spirit. Brazil’s fashion brands showcase the colours, texture and patterns that offer the country spirit.

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