Best Perfume For Women In India

Perfume For Women
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Perfumes play a very vital role as in a very first impression for any person. Perfume has a very special place in human culture, the origination of perfumes are thousands of years back in ancient times. They used scented oils for religious moments and occasions. Basically it came from Egypt made up from herbs. They made it with some various formulas like myrrh, floral essence and frankincense and many more. All the people use different kinds of fragrance according to their preferences and comfort. It comes from an Islamic world. The trend is started by them because they use “ittar”. It becomes their daily routine to apply in any occasion or casual day outings. For womens perfumes play a very important role and definitely it will be in every woman’s handbags. So let’s explore some favourite and luxury perfumes so you can also add to your wishlist.

Considering The Following Factors

  • Traditional Indian perfumes are majorly made up of some luxurious fragrance using sandalwood, jasmine and rose and others also.
  • There are some various climate changes that India experiences like floral scents and fresh perfumes used in the summer season while high seasoned, strong smell fragrance are for winters.
  • Womens use different types of scents in different occasions, as in getting togethers deeper scents are more useful.
  • Choose only those perfumes which stay on for a long period of time.
  • The most important thing that perfume should be chosen by women is by her personal preferences.

Some important tips before buying any perfume

  • Check the smell according to your preferences and comfort.
  • Your perfume must be long lasting for all day refreshment.
  • You don’t have to break your budget to buy a luxury fragrance perfume. You can buy perfume on your budget as well.
  • You should know the difference between cologne and perfume.
  • Buy a perfume that suits your personality.

Luxury perfumes

  •  Gucci Bloom
 Gucci Bloom perfume

The perfume Gucci blooms is every woman’s favourite. For them it is not just a scent it’s a reflection on her clarified taste and good appreciation for luxury. This perfume’s fragrance perfectly matches your personality, as it looks like the perfume is perfectly made for them in all the way. The perfume is leaving a long-lasting effect wherever she goes. Gucci bloom is her favourite perfume that perfectly defines your personality.

Range – Rs 7, 600 to 9,900.

  • Jean Paul Gaultier Classique
Jean Paul Gaultier Classique perfume

This perfume holds a very special place in every woman’s heart as she loves to wear this amazing perfume. This perfume has a very unique structure like a lady’s body shape. The perfume is a complex blend of floral and vanilla essence as well as some spicy undertones that creates a very unique fragrance that perfectly suits any woman’s personality.

Range – Rs 4,700 to Rs 7,936

  • Obsession By Calvin Klein
Obsession By Calvin Klein perfume

The very famous perfume obsession by Calvin Klein which reflects its iconic and magnetic effect on your personality. This perfume makes a natural impact on your body, as well as obsession perfume has an amazing appearance on the red carpet. It is now a signature scent for many bollywood celebrities also.

Range – under Rs 4,000

  •  Trussardi Donna
 Trussardi Donna perfume

It’s an extremely never ending obsession with Trussardi Donna perfume which is worth rupees 5,000. You can attend high events by wearing Trussardi Donna to embrace your personality. This perfume reflects the perfect flawless attention to details that perfectly enhances your personality. Leaving a long lasting impression wherever you go.

Range – under Rs 6,000.

  • Chanel No 5
Chanel NO 5 perfume

This perfume is the most luxurious perfume for women, it was launched in 1921 and stayed classic till yet. This perfume creates an elegant charm with a soothing fragrance that attracts almost all the women through it. Most of the female celebrities love to wear it, as to give timeless charm.

Range – Rs 12, 599.

Some important tips to take care of your perfume
  • Keep your perfume away from the sunlight, and store it in a cool or dark place.
  • Keep the cap on of your perfume bottle when you are not using it, as it helps to not prevent the scent from evaporating.
  • Do not shake your perfume bottle, as it includes air into the scent.
  • Keep your hands clean while using your perfume to avoid defiling the scent.
  • Always apply perfume on your plus points on your body like wrist, neckbone or behind the ears.

In conclusion, the beautiful relationship between perfumes and womens is as unbeatable, as nail paints & It’s styling art, charming hairstyles & skin care. it gives another reason for celebrities to enhance their personality even more. The modern sophistication of perfumes like Chanel No 5, allure of Marilyn Monroe and Beyoncé plays a very significant role in women’s life.

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